Today I went shopping for the first time in months – and I loved it! My wardrobe really needed an overhaul so I decided to treat myself. Through winter I got into the habit of just throwing the same old things on because it was easy, jumpers, jeans, that sort of thing. I actually forgot how fun fashion could be! So today I went a little mad and came home with a mega haul, and i’m excited to wear every single piece. I was quite different in my ‘approach’ today as well (I say ‘approach’ but usually this means a ‘mad dash, throw in the basket’ affair…) Anyway, I’m usually drawn to bright and daring things, which always end up redundant in the back of my wardrobe because I can’t find anything to match it…so today I adopted the ‘Beauty Crush Approach’ (unless you live under a rock, you will already know about Sammi and how amazing her style is… Basically, the ‘Beauty Crush Approach’ (a term i’ve literally just fashioned) involves buying versatile and basic pieces in monochrome ‘colours’ like black, white and grey – giving you endless outfit opportunities because everything goes together! Obviously, me being me, there is one bright item in there that I just couldn’t resist – but it has black on it!! Anyway, enough rambling, here’s the eye candy! Everything is either from Primark, New Look or H&M!



So there it all is! I bought a denim jacket from New Look for £19.99 as well but didn’t feature it on here. I’ve wanted one for years and for some reason never bought one?! Can’t wait to wear it in summer with maxi skirts! I will try and post some OOTD pics of me actually wearing my new stuff through the week; I already have loads of ideas on how to style and mix and match!