Hey everyone :) I’ve had such a good weekend, despite feeling it this morning in the form of a dry mouth and headache, it’s all been worth it – and nothing a greasy full English couldn’t sort…

But as promised, here’s what I wore for the family party….

Crop tee: New Look, Maxi skirt: Boohoo.com, Sandals: Primark, Flower crown: New Look

Friday consisted of me and Toe going for a nice, casual walk to a nearby pub for a civilized salad and glass of vino…obviously with a combination of wine and sun we decided the next logical step was to walk to the pub down the road and have a vodka… The next few hours then went like this:

‘Should we have another?’…

‘Yeaaaah’ ….

‘Want another one?….


‘One more??’

And you get the drift.

Felt a bit urgh the next day, but the gym sorted us out, plus, me losing my locker key down the ‘stair-master’ and having my padlock cut off with the biggest, most ridiculous pair of bolt cutters I’ve ever seen, sobered me up for the rest of the day! I then sat for two hours(!!!) like a loyal pup next to Toe as she had her nails done…obviously moaning I was hungry every five mins…(i’m obsessed with food by the way if you didn’t already know).

Last night we went to my uncles party, and proceeded to get very merry, very quickly and chat to family we haven’t seen for years – lovely! (Side note – what is it about buffet food?! – I just could not stop myself eating and eating and eating!! Is this just me?! See, food again!)

Woke up this morning a little hungover (again) …I hardly ever drink so when I do my body gets a bit freaked and definitely lets me know about it – cotton wool head syndrome anyone? Now we’re en route back to Brum. I’m feeling slightly more human now as I lay fully reclined in the passenger seat with the air con blasting – lady of leisure!

Anyway, here’s a few pics to round up my lovely weekend back home with family :)…(sorry for the skew-whiff image sizes)