Hey everyone :)

Here’s what I’m wearing today:

Dress: h&m, Phone Case: Cath Kidston

I’m back home in Warrington for the weekend, and I’ve nabbed one of Toni’s dresses. It’s from h&m and is so comfy, really lovely and easy to wear.

Got the day off work today obviously so having a nice chilled one – hopefully the sun comes back out so I can get out in the garden and top up the tan! It’s not all rosy though, the reason I have the day off is because I had to travel back from Birmingham to have a filling at the dentist…and literally, the whole right side of my face is numb (hence the post title) including my ear – is that normal?! I don’t think it is!

Anyway, so far today I’ve walked the pup, been the dentist, and now, with no shame, I am watching Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents…guilty pleasure! Later, I think me and Toe are heading out somewhere for tea and a quick vodka – would be rude not to ;) and tomorrow we’re all heading out to a family party- really looking forward to it! It’s at my Aunty and Uncle’s for a milestone birthday (…tactical ;)) and they have their own self constructed bar in the back garden, with all the amenities – including karaoke!!! I need to decide what to wear for it so once I know I shall post it up on here!

Sorry it’s just a quick one, but I’m off now to try and eat my dinner with half a face – enjoy your day!