Hey everyone :) tonight Sam is taking me to the cinema to see The World’s End – cannot wait! Its been ages since I saw a comedy at the cinema, so i’m looking forward to it – will let you know how I liked it. Haribo at the ready of course!

So, onto  more pressing matters, here’s what i’m wearing…


I decided to go for a sweet, romantic midi dress look –  perfect cliche of a date night outfit I know! I love this dress, it’s my fave colour but I hardly ever wear it. Show me anything bright or pastel and I’ll love it.

I actually got this from Primark in Liverpool last year some time – I went with my Mum and she picked up the same in yellow. Only problem with them is they are slightly on the see-through side, but it’s not so noticeable once you’re indoors/out of the sun.

Ideally i’d have preferred to accessorize this with a tan belt, but mine has decided to fall into the matrix (…the matrix that is Toni’s house) so I’ve opted for the only other obvious choice – black. Although it’s kind of harsh against the pastel I think it still looks good – it adds an edge to the sickly girly-ness of the outfit. The bag helps tie in the black theme and my go to jewellery choice as always, is gold – I feel it suits my skin tone much better than silver does, plus it goes with more stuff.

Anyway, must dash – wouldn’t want to miss the 25 minutes of adverts before the film starts, would we! ;)