HOLIDAY CLOTHES! Perhaps the two most exciting words in the English language side by side?! :D

So…the inspiration for this post is indeed holiday clothes! I’ve just come back from an amazing week away in Portugal with my sister Toni. We had so much fun – it consisted of far too much sun, dancing, cocktails, ice cream and Blurred Lines.

I thought I would collate a few pictures together of the different outfits I wore at night. In the day I mainly wore bikinis which isn’t very interesting, but there is one picture in there of what I wore to the beach and when we had a stroll around the old town – how cultured we are!

So, a little bit about my holiday style – when I go away I love to wear a range of colours as it really complements a tan, and  when it comes to holiday shopping I basically hunt for everything and anything short and bright! My sister on the other hand, has a similar style to me, but different at the same time if that makes sense?! I’d say I still dress a bit immature for my age (nearly 24!), with skater skirts and bright denim dresses etc, whereas Toni has a more sophisticated and tailored style. For my next post I might put some pics together of her outfits so you can see what I mean.

Anyway, enough of the text, here’s what I wore:

Night #1

Top: Boohoo, Skirt: G21 at Asda, Sandals: New Look (last year) Bracelets: New Look and Primark


Night #2

Top: New Look, Skirt: Boohoo, Sandals: Some market shop in Warrington, Body chain: DIY from 2 Primark necklaces, Hand chain: New Look


Night #3

Dress: Missguided, Sandals: Debenhams, Bracelets: Primark


Night #4

Top: New Look, Skirt: New Look, Sandals: New Look, Body chain: As before, Bracelets: Primark; New Look


Night #5

Dress: h&m (2011), Sandals: New Look, Bracelets: Primark (as seen before) Bag: h&m


Night #6

Top: New Look, Skirt: New Look, Sandals: As seen before, Bracelets: Bank, New Look and a gift from Greece, Earrings: New Look


Night #7

Top: New Look, Skirt: h&m, Sandals: New Look, Bracelets: Primark, Blush: Margin by Mac, Eyebrows: Rimmel black/brown pencil


Off to the beach and a walk around the old town:

Left: Top: New Look, Shorts: New Look, Flip flops: Asda, Sunglasses: Free from Company magazine! Right: Top: New Look, Skirt: Asda (as seen before), Flip flops: As seen before, Bag: New Look, Sunglasses: As seen before.

With my hair in the day I’d usually just shove it up into a bun or pony tail, maybe add a flower head band to make it more girly, and in the night i’d use my trusty wide plated GHD’s to achieve lose waves/curls. On most nights my hair stayed perfect(ish) because I used a John Frieda moisture barrier hairspray – it was amazeballs! Really recommend it!

I would also really recommend checking out Portugal, it’s lovely. We stayed in Albufeira which has lovely beaches and culture at one end, and a really fun strip at the other – the perfect balance for a girly holiday! If you’re as lucky as us, you might even spot a celeb in the airport…Duncan Bannatyne, I KNOW you caught me taking a sneaky photo of you. Oh the shame!