I realise I’m probably really late on the whole Disco Pant band wagon, but better late than never! These aren’t the real McCoy because I simply cannot justify spending £70 on a glorified pair of leggings, but they are a really good dupe from a boutique in Warrington called Dolly Daydream – £26.50! Totes a bargs! Sorry I know that can get annoying, it just comes out now :/

I tried these on a few times before committing to them; contrary to popular opinion I actually felt a bit fat in them – being pear shaped I shouldn’t really draw attention to my bottom half, but having not stopped thinking about them for days I bit the bullet and decided to just go for it! Turns out, when  I got home and saw them in my own mirror I felt great in them! They are a really heavyweight, thick elastine material, basically like shape wear trousers a.k.a miracle trousers and pull everything in, god knows where it actually all goes?! All the blogs I’ve seen them on, and all the girls i’ve spoken to who have them, said feel great in them and super slim; I will definitely have to agree now having tried and tested them! So if you’re having doubts – TRY THEM! Here’s some links to other good dupes I’ve come across:




I wore them mine a night out last weekend with a turtle neck crop in this season’s hottest berry colour – love this! It was literally £5 from a little shop in Liverpool St Johns. I will get so much wear out of it as well, not only does it go with my Disco Stu pants, but i’tll look good teamed with my black maxi skirt or a PU skater skirt with thick black tights.


(Funniest thing about the night: Grease Lightning blaring out the DJ booth in the club – Sandy was in the building!)