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O.M.G. Actual girl crush. This woman is amazing! Got to have love for a fellow ‘tea-potter’ (‘Tea-potter’ noun The name given to a person or object that performs a tea pot shaped pose with the extension of one (or more) limb(s) to create the effect of a handle) haven’t I? I tell you, it’s catching like wildfire.

Zoe Hardman, ever since she popped up on my Saturday night Take Me Out sessions, has been the object of my sartorial desire! I love her style, she’s so girly and preppy and can literally make anything look nice!

The pink shorts suit is my favourite out of the three I picked – it’s so cute! I’m in love with the whole matchy-matchy trend that made it’s way onto the high street late Summer – especially the little Boucle numbers that hit the shops. It’s amazing how trends can change so much in such little time. At one point it was all about clashing and mixing prints and the next it’s matching tops with same patterned skirts and adorable shorts and mini’s suits.

I like how fashion is the only thing in the world that can get away with being inconsistent :) you go Glen Coco!

Would just like to point out that throughout the whole of this post I have had the song ‘Wildfire’ from the film Bubble Boy in my head….don’t know what I’m talking about? Then shame on you! Time for some culture –

Until next time….watch Bubble Boy :)