Sorry for the really bad quality phone pictures, kind of a tradition on my part.

Showing off my love for Peplums today! I really do love the peplum trend that comes round time and time again. I actually have a peplum dress from 2009 which I wore to watch Beyonce’s ‘I am’ tour. A lot of people tend to shy away from the trend in fear of it emphasising and/or widening their hips, however, they are actually really flattering! Because they pop out at the hip, it’s the waist that becomes centre of attention in contrast, giving us proportions even Barbie might envy (maybe) ;)

The first two pictures is an outfit I put together for this Saturday – someone from work is leaving so we’re all going out for Chinese and then a vodka or two! It’s going to be a night of ‘don’t usuallys’ for me…first, I don’t usually like to eat full on heavy meals before going out… but it’ll stop me getting too tipsy I suppose… and second, I NEVER wear pants/trousers/leggings on nights out! I always prefer to wear a pretty dress or skirt; but for once, and maybe for one time only, I’m donning WET LOOK (yikes) leggings and a gorgeous berry peplum top (borrowed from my sister’s ever growing collection of tops. It’s becoming like moss Toni! ;) ) I’m still a little wary about the idea and feel like they’re not the most flattering on my ‘womanly’ thighs and slightly apprehensive about a certain desert roaming animal’s hoof dilemma occurring…but I’ll see how it goes and report back!

The gorgeous green number is a Missguided dress I shamefully purchased ‘just because’. My way of justifying it was, ‘I still have euros left from why not?’ – seems to have eased the guilt a bit. This will be my go to dress for any spontaneous nights out in the foreseeable future, and I cannot wait to wear it!