Today I thought I’d test out a new idea. I’ve been thinking for a while that I’d like to feature a regular piece which is posted on the same day each week with something I can share – whether it be how I do my hair, make-up or even what I made for dinner!

So, for this one I’ve done some still shots on how I achieve a quick and easy top knot; which everyone is doing! I’ve never used the hair doughnut before, and to be honest find it much easier and less fiddly free hand. I’m not sure how clear it will be with still images but I’m not the vlogging type..yet!

Things you’ll need: Hair bobble, kirby grips (about 10), and any type of hairspray you have lying around. (Dry shampoo – optional. This will give hair that’s too soft to work with an added texture)

STEP ONE: If you want an added texture to your hair, or if it’s just washed and too soft to work with, give it a quick spritz of dry shampoo for less silky locks. (This look is all about roughness and texture so don’t worry if your hair is even a little greasy!)


STEP TWO: Next, roughly grab all you hair and tie it in a bobble as high as desired on your head. I prefer doing mine really high so I can achieve an extreme top knot! (You may feel silly at first but it all comes together I promise). Don’t worry about being neat; the top knot looks perfect when it’s a little bedraggled.


STEP THREE: The next step is to arrange the pony tail into a position where you can section it evenly into separate parts around your head. To do this, tilt your head forward and arrange your pony so that it falls all around you head. i.e some hanging down the front, sides and back. You should be able to feel the centre of your pony tail at the base of the bobble (so it looks like a doughnut basically). After doing this, start with the front hanging sections, and section off a piece of hair to work with (I grab about 2 inch sections).



STEP FOUR: The next bit can be a bit tricky at first, but remember that it looks good messy anyway! I still vow that the first time I ever did it is still my best to date. All you need to do, with the section you prepared in step three, is roll it under into a sort of barrel shape, and secure in place on either side with kirby grips. Do the same round the whole of the front, pulling and teasing at each pinned section if you want a messy look. Once you get to the sides and back of your head, keep doing the same – and if like mine your hair is quite long, just tuck in any strands left from your ‘barrels’ into the middle of the bun and hide them/pin them out of sight.



STEP FIVE: Finally, once you’ve finished barrelling each section of hair and pinning it securely, you should end up with the doughnut effect as in the first picture below. Once you’re happy with the shape, height etc, spritz it with some hairspray to secure any fly-aways and this will ensure that it doesn’t budge all day! It really is weather proof hair!



RESULT: Like I said, it isn’t meant to be perfect and mine certainly isn’t..but it’s a quick and easy go-to hair style which looks great at the same time.

Why not try a more elegant and sophisticated top knot by tying your hair back into a streamlined and sleek pony tail and take extra care when barrelling – this will be the perfect up-do for a special occasion – just add big chandelier earrings!

Give it a go :)

Until next time!