So, having suitably neglected my blog for quite some time I decided it’s time to bite the bullet and get back to it. Nothing to do with procrastinating from revision or anything.

The last few months have been a complete blur, and in a way I’m glad the new year has come. Time to re-prioritise and stop worrying about silly, pointless little things! Going to really concentrate on my blog this year (mainly after my exams etc) and I’m looking forward to seeing it grow and develop. I’m also going to get more work experience under my belt, been asked to do a Style Steal piece for Bag So Beautiful again and when I’m free from Shakespeare I’ll get straight to it…much more fun writing about cheapo versions of celeb fashion than King Lear stripping naked on a heath!

Cannot wait to get through these last few months of uni and finally graduate and get myself a full time the dream! Sick of being a student. Honestly, I’d much rather be out working/in an office or whatever, than locked up in my room milling over a ton of Shakespeare stuff whilst listening to the dog sniff outside my shut door (lol sorry Toni but he distracts!)

Anyway, this is basically a ‘welcome back’ to myself. Posts will be a little slow the next week due to revision etc, but after the 16th I should be back on form :)

New Year Resolutions:

Blog, Holiday, F-T Job!

Until next time :)