Dress: H&M, Batwing cardy: New Look, Patent belt: New Look, Knee high socks: Internacionale

On my weekly visit to H&M I picked up this cute deer motif dress for a bargain £19.99! I wasn’t sure whether to keep it or not as I have something really similar with a floral pattern, but I figure you can never have too many button up dresses?… Plus, they look really cute layered under chunky knits, with thick tights or knee high socks..and it’s definitely time for layering. God, listen to me trying to justify my habit!

The cardy is new too, which I got from New Look (half price oh yes!). It’s THE perfect salmon colour! I imagine it’ll go with everything and it’s so snuggly and warm. Like a dressing gown but for outdoors! I’ve worn it loads already since I got it so I reckon I’ve got it down to £3 a wear!
In the picture above is how I WISH I could wear the outfit right now, but considering the weather, and that Marilyn Monroe’s gush-of-wind-up-the-skirt style was never really on trend on the streets of reality, I’ll have to settle for the tights! But tights are good. We like tights!

Anyway, the title isn’t random, it relates to the busy two days I’ve had! I’ve literally just got in from my sisters now, finishing off the master piece that is my boyfriend’s home made birthday cake! I decided to make him a GIANT French Fancy…just because! It looks awesome (thanks to the expert help from my cake making and selling sister TONI T-CAKE) Can’t put the finished piece on here though until Sam has seen it obviously. No spoilers allowed! We’re thinking of uploading it to PIMP MY SNACK. Watch this space!

Got a few articles in the pipeline and a lot of uni work so I’ll try my best to keep updating regularly. There’s actually not enough hours in the day!

Until next time,