Every year for Halloween all of us at work like to make an effort with fancy dress just to make the day that more interesting. Last year we decided to all go as witches…this year the bar has been raised for originality because we’re dressing as whatever our heart’s desire! And of course, my heart desires Princess Jasmine..obviously!! It is by far my favourite Disney film, I don’t mind being a cliche!

I’ve been toying with the idea for about a month, endlessly browsing the internet (mainly ebay) for reasonably priced Jasmine get up, but having failed at finding any nice costumes, I decided it was time for a bit of D.I.Y.

At first it seemed daunting, I had no idea where I was going to find Jasmine-esque items, but I scoured the sales on line and eventually decided I would be ‘Jasmine with a twist’. Instead of the oh-so unflattering harem pants (harem pants do nothing for anyone – not even you Jasmine!) I decided to go for a maxi skirt, it has kind of the same effect. Found a perfect jade coloured one in the Topshop sale for £15, but I simply couldn’t justify paying that much for something I knew I’d never wear after Halloween. Miraculously I popped into H&M and was drawn to a turquoise maxi dress (£5!!!) that I can easily(?) DIY to make a high waisted skirt out of (help Mum?!) For the top I found a belly dancer style crop top on ebay for £9.50, but literally 5 minutes before settling on it and clicking ‘buy it now’ I remembered I had THE perfect coloured vest top already! All i had to do was tuck it up, tie it, and pull the straps off the shoulder…VOILA! A few added accessories really pulled the look together and I was actually really pleased with the outcome! I’m going to add a few sparkly gold things to the top, maybe a few coins or a gold trim to give it that authentic Arabian nights look!

Jewelled head band: New Look, Earrings: Miss Selfridge, Vest: New Look, Maxi Dress (worn as skirt) H&M, Chain belt: New Look

Obviously I’ll go for the dramatic look make-up wise, with black liqud eyeliner and fake lashes…the less than perfect make-up featured above is the lovely result of a hurricane, a monsoon, and several umbrella smacks to the face whilst walking to uni!

The only thing I’m worried about with this costume is the look on my managers face when she is confronted with my midriff first thing on a saturday morning! Inappropriate?!

What are you planning to wear for Halloween? Have you had any last minute DIY epiphanies you’d like to divulge?

Until next time,


(Princess Jasmine image is not my own and can be credited to cosplayisland.co.uk via google image search)