Hi there!

So it seems, after several months of deliberation, I’ve finally done it… I have officially entered the world of blogging!

Almost every night for the past year, I found myself searching (stalking) the internet for fashion blogs. When I say fashion blogs I don’t mean intimidating-high-end-designer-runway-size 0 blogs, I’m not into that, I mean simple everyday high street ‘outfit of the day’ blogs with ‘normal’ posts by ‘normal’ people who write about affordable, attainable fashion. I’ve been obsessed with fashion for a long time (and reluctantly so has my bank account) so I finally decided it was time to merge my two passions together, fashion and writing!

So here I am!

This space will be my little online ‘diary’ of (mainly) fashion, some beauty bits here and there, and general every day happenings that might be interesting to at least one person out there! I mainly want this blog to document my love of all things fashion and it might even make me admit defeat  in my constant denial of having a ‘problem’ when it comes to shiny new things… I’m not proud!

Also, not going to lie, I’m quite excited by the whole idea of emulating ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ sitting alone with my little laptop and tip tapping at the keyboard…however do note that right at this minute in time I’m sans cigarette and instead, scoffing my face with little pieces of fruit rock from Wales…(every writer has their muse!)

Until next time!


Ps. To put a face (and outfit) to the name….

Bandeau top: George at Asda, Ponte fit skirt (inc. belt): Asos, Bracelets: New Look; Pandora

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